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With around 100 participants overall, BOI is not a small event. Usually, there are many things for the host to provide, like accommodation, food, side program, and events. As BOI 2021 is going to be virtual, almost everything is focused on the competition itself. BOI 2021 competition infrastructure will be provided by the computer science department of Lübeck University, a core partner of the whole olympiad.

Next year, in 2022, when BOI 2021 partners will give it another try and run BOI in Lübeck on-site, BWINF will be able to provide funds for parts of the basic cost.  All BOI 2021 (and 2022) partners, however, are welcoming further sponsors who are enthusiastic about making BOI 2022 a memorable event for both Lübeck and the young, brilliant IT talents who will be visiting Lübeck and Germany for competition as well as for making new friends and for bringing great memories home.

Interested parties please get in touch with boi2021(at)